Guatemalan Color Burst


The weekend is here and after yesterday's somber day of blogger silence I wanted today to be full of Colors, Colors, Colors! So here's the dazzling Chichi (Chichicastenango) Sunday Market in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala. I found it really interesting how their clothes imitate the shapes and colors of nature – vibrant like a rainbow colored parrot with hues that match fruits and vegetables, and the triangle patterns signify the sun. The market had so many beautiful things but believe it or not all I came out with was a little box of worry dolls I bought off a little girl. BIGgest mistake ever! Then it seemed like the whole town of children came after me to buy something! Now I really know what the meaning of 'relentless' is. With the worry dolls, there is a legend amongst the Highland Indian villages that goes something like this: "If you have a problem, tell one worry to each doll before going to bed, then place them beneath your pillow. While you sleep, the dolls will take your worries away."... Can't say I believe it but I like the concept!
Happy Saturday Everyone :-)

Btw, I'm loving this Mayan lady's cheapy bag! I think it would look really cute on the beach with a black strapless one-piece, red beach sandals, and big could even work on the streets of New York if you pair it with a gyspy-bohemian look. What do you think of her little tote? Let me know your thoughts on it all!


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