Gypset Style


A friend recently gave me a travel book of sorts called Gypset Style by Julia Chaplin who coined the term to describe "an international community of artists, designers, surfers, and bon vivants who live and work around the globe. The Gypset is about fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a Gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set." While it may simply look like a great coffee table book, it also serves as a remarkable reminder to live life freely, beautifully, and happily. You are the only person who can design your life to be what you want.

Pick up Gypset Style here.  You can also now pre-order Gypset Travel at almost half off.


Santorini Bliss


Some pics and excerpt from my Greek Isle feature for Vécu mag's May issue in case you missed it! 

"Santorini, you are everything people say you are. From your black sand beaches at Perissa to Fira's glowing caldera & all the way to Oia, where seemingly hundreds, maybe even thousands of people line up along the walls and streets every evening to watch those surreal sunsets you're so famous for. You gave me a real run for my money riding up that cliffside on a donkey that got ever-so-close to the edge, lol, but once at the top, it was so worth that view few other places in the world can match. So Santorini, I will see your dreamy landscapes and beaches again, sooner rather than later, only this time I'll make sure to bring a hot little honey with me.. you know, for entertainment purposes :-) ."


Jetsetter Luxury Hotel and Travel Deals


 Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach – Cabo San Lucas,  Mexico – $115 p/nt

I thought it was time to add some new things to this site so let me start by sharing one of my 'insider' tips since I'm a big bargain hunter when it comes to traveling and shopping, especially for luxury goods. 

One of my favorite sites for gorgeous design and luxury hotels is They provide access to some of the world’s best hotels, spas and travel experiences at discounts up to 50% off. Many of them come with extras such as spa credits, meals, and activities so if you haven't signed up for their deals yet, do it! You get a bonus of $25 when you use this link.

Maison Moschino – Milan, Italy $409 p/nt

 Hampton Hotel – Dublin, Ireland – $128 p/nt

Ayana Resort and Spa – Bali, Indonesia – $219 p/nt

Colony Palms – Palm Springs, California – $113 p/nt

Vivamarinha Hotel and Suites – Cascais, Portugal – $184 p/nt

The Crane – St. Philip, Barbados– $165 p/nt

Kamandalu Resort & Spa –Ubud, Indonesia – $115 p/nt


An Altar in Santeria


(Before anyone goes having a cow, this is not a discussion on religion, this is purely from a design and cultural standpoint.) I walked by this house in Trinidad, Cuba and saw an eerie doll in a chair in the middle of a solitary room, so of course, me being me, I said "Ooh, interesting! Let's go in!"

Above is a typical altar dedicated to one of many 'santos' (spirits/saints) in Santeria, in this case Yemaya, who governs the oceans and serves as the main centerpiece. A LOT of thought and time goes into creating these meticulously designed altars –  flowers, coconuts, embellishments, mantel pieces, paintings on the walls, etc.  Each piece means something.. Did you notice the HUGE anchor on the floor? I thought the altar was quite beautiful and I don't think you necessarily even need to understand what you're looking at to appreciate the artistry of it. (although it helps :-)

Envy is the soul of cowards.

..And away we went to shop in the market..


Street Music in Cuba


Gettin' down with local musicians Grupo Los Pinos in Trinidad. There are so many different kinds of music in the streets, dancing, laughing.. No place on earth like Cuba! (And just for the record, not my cap.. LoL)


The Castle of Sintra Portugal


Pálacio Nacional da Pena in Sintra, Portugal is one of the most stunning pieces of architectural whimsy ever constructed. The palace, designed mainly in the country's Manueline style, displays intricately sculpted windows, perfectly paneled azulejo tiles, and Moorish influenced arches and detailing. The town sits just a half hour outside of Lisbon and is spectacular, with much to see, so allot at least a full day here. Photo-ops are at every turn, so grab that selfie stick out and get ready to feed your hungry Instagram.

Happy Birthday to Me! Hope You "Like" Me :-)


You can now find me on Facebook! It would be such a great gift for my bday if my wonderful readers "Liked" my new page. I'll be adding additional photos, tidbits and outtakes that you won't find here so make sure to follow there also. Off to celebrate another year of life, stuff my face, and eat cake. Happy Weekend Everyone :-) 


Spring Cherry Blossoms at the New York Botanical Garden


Yes, This is the Bronx believe it or not! It was a perfect lazy Sunday.. My sister and I decided to go to the New York Botanical Garden to catch the last day of the Orchid Show. We were greeted by these gorgeous cherry blossom trees, straight out of a fairy tale. Luckily my sis had her trusty little camera phone which turned out to take pretty good shots! If I could just live in this garden, under this tree, forever, I'd be one happy gal...ahhh.

How great would the patterns on some of these orchids look for a home accessories line or a silk summer dress? I see Diane von Furstenburg written all over these...


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