The Chianti Wine Region of Italy


In case you missed my feature in last month's issue of VĂ©cu magazine, here is the piece on Chianti. Make sure to check out my other stop in the Tuscan town of Lucca!

"Ok, I don't drink but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a little bit of wine-tasting... I absolutely love the art and cultivation of the wines and the delicious food culture that surrounds it. By the way, have you ever noticed how creative and graphic liquor bottle designs are? They're fantastic and another thing to love about wine culture. During our time in Tuscany, my sister and I decided to spend an afternoon in Chianti visiting one of many spectacular vineyards in the region. Unfortunately I have since forgotten its name but it was set in a splendid castle-style structure and surrounded by miles and miles of grape deliciousness. (I should have snatched a few while no one was looking) But no matter, we had our selection of cheeses and then went for a walk in the town where we had some of Caffe Lepanto's exceptional gelato... I went with raspberry :-)"


A rooster , the symbol of Chianti Classico.


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