Martha's Vineyard : August Feature for Vecu Magazine


My feature for the August issue of VĂ©cu magazine is out and how beautiful is the cover? The red dress, antique necklace, and I'm especially obsessing over that umbrella! This is one of their most beautiful issues yet. Below is the intro to my spread found on pg. 70: View full issue here.

"The late afternoon sun... Those last days of the season when the summer seems to bid farewell with a fading light. One tries to capture as much of the remaining shine as possible before twilight sets in... sitting by the shore or collecting seashells or perhaps watching the sun set behind the horizon and rise again in the early morning.  As in perfect preparation for the final adieu, fog sets in and a chill obliges you to pull on that light fall sweater. Farewell for now summer... I will see you next year."


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