How Not to Ride a Wild Horse in Turkey


Such was the case on this first evening of mine in Cappadocia, Turkey. Off I went with this supposedly trained equine that began making abrupt jolts almost as soon as we started. She then finished me off by suddenly trotting/galloping? down a rocky hill that lead to more treacherous curves where I could have fallen over the cliffside and croaked, buried beneath a 1000 lb horse. Thank GOD for my lightning-fast, ninja-reflexes (aka, yelling "F**K!!" as I began sliding off the saddle and holding on with a pro-wrestler's grip.) Then I remembered it was my own foolish fault for riding a horse that used to be wild with minimal riding experience.. Kinda' forgot that little detail when I got on.. but evidently, I lived! 

"I'm wild!..."
The pinnacles of death....
Guide, I'm right behind you... kind of
A pat on the nose for my horsey, I still love her!


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