Far-Flung Fragrances


Scents have the ability to transport us to another place or time, for example, how the smell of jasmine always takes me back to Tunisia. Enter Tom Ford's Jasmin Rouge.. not only do I love the uber-sophisticated design, color and packaging, but the aroma inspires me to look ahead to my next possible far-flung destination. Here's a round up of fragrances to get you ready for your next travel adventure.. just follow your nose ;-P

1. TOM FORD, JASMIN ROUGE / Tunisia : All of his fragrances seem to take you to some exotic locale.

2. CHANEL, CUIR DE RUSSIE / Russia : Inspired by the country with the most billionaires in the world, this limited edition scent is dominated by rich leather and birch. Did I hear power lunch?

3. CREED, ROYAL-OUD / Persian Palace : A unisex scent with elements of a royal Persian palace and opulent base note from India. 5% of proceeds benefit children's health clinics in the subcontinent.

4. IF, BY APOTHIA / Los Angeles - One of my favorite fragrances ever! First place I ever found it at was Fred Segal on Melrose. The L.A. based perfumer also has a fantastic boudoir candle to help transport you to the west coast.

5. NINA RICCILOVE IN PARIS  / France : The magic of the city of lights in a bottle, perhaps true love is waiting in the form of a Pierre or Jean-Claude ;-P

6. LAVANILA VANILLA COCONUT / Caribbean Islands : Nothing transports you to beachy paradise like the smell of delicious vanilla and coconut.

Happy Weekend!


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