NYC Farmer's Market


I love farmer's markets. They're a great place to learn about fresh new foods like when I found purple carrots and these honeycrisp apples. I'd never tried them but thought their coloring and patterns were nice (yes, I even notice on food, lol) and they quickly became a favorite. Speaking of apples, anyone ever try farm-fresh apple cider donuts? Delicious! I think next time I'll make sure to go ready to photograph everything I see...

india art song


After a life-changing journey to Rajasthan, India in 2008, artist Karen Knorr wanted to celebrate the visual richness found in the fables, myths and stories of northern India using sacred and secular sites to highlight the caste system, femininity and its relationship with the animal world. Interiors of palaces, mausoleums, and holy sites were photographed with a large format camera and a variety of animals were photographed separately in sanctuaries and zoos. Knorr combined the two elements, fusing high resolution with analogue photography. The result is an impressive and spellbinding series I hope to see in person someday. (via Honestly WTF)

Manhattan Skyline


Twilight on 5th Ave. overlooking Central Park... what a view indeed. When it's time for me to move in, I'll invite everyone over for a grand soirée! Haha.. Have a positively rich weekend everyone :-)


photo via French Vogue

An Idyllic Scene in Playa Blanca


Paradise lost?'s right here in Playa Blanca, Punta Cana (not to be mistaken with Bávaro where the beaches don't even come close). Walk out as far as you like here, the water will still only brush your knees. Dominican Republics's pristine beaches are unrivaled in sheer beauty and what makes them even better is the absolutely dee-licious food served straight to your humble little abode on the sand. I'm really craving one of those fresh piña coladas in a pineapple. Yum!

Design Hotels : Oscar de la Renta's Tortuga Bay


Can I just be in Punta Cana right now? In Tortuga Bay's gorgeous luxe resort in the Dominican Republic with interiors designed by none other than Dominican-born fashion royalty Oscar de la Renta. Oh Tortuga, you're a'callin' my naaaame... 

Desert Dancer


I fell in love with this little baby in the stark landscape of the Syrian desert...
Definitely modeled some nice shots for me, don't you think?


I Heart Street Art : Chile


From the streets of Valparaiso to the beaches of Viña del Mar in Chile, art is all around. Keep your eyes open for the pieces that decorates some of these hidden alleys, staircases, and sand dunes... It's just a rather cheap flight away. Don't forget to visit Chilean poet Pablo Neruda's home La Sebastiana, with its expansive views over the colorful city!

Top 5 Most Famous Flags of The World


This is a sponsored post by Harrison EDS.

Each and every one of us loves our country flags because they mean so much. Flags are traditionally about independent liberties in different locations, which means that all of them are great. Here, flag specialists Harrison EDS showcase some of the most famous flags in the world. 

New Orleans Revelry

Speaking of masks, New Orleans must be a fun place to celebrate Halloween, right? I went in September though and the first order of things: the colorful, loud, feathery, kitschy shops! I usually hate those, but c'mon, it's part of the culture here.. how do you like my necklace? :-P... A walk through the French Quarter with its elaborate iron details and beautiful architecture lead to the old slave-auction site which now houses an outdoor market. I searched high and low for some real voodoo stuff but no luck. And yes, that is in fact a man in full feather gear of some sort.. The Big Easy indeed.

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