Travel Designery Turns 1!


Today marks my blog's 1st birthday! This year has flown by and after nearly 1000 gfc followers, almost 600 facebook likes, 106 bloglovin' loves, and over 1000 subscribers I just want to say THANK YOU. Thanks to all of you for leaving those 3285 comments throughout the year and coming along with me on my travels and design speculations. It is all truly appreciated, gracias! So to round off my 1st birthday / blogiversary, I leave you with a small handful of some of my favorite posts from this past year.. Discover something new or refresh your memory with some oldies but goodies. Enjoy!

APRIL '11- Architecture & History in St. Petersburg in Russia

MAY '11 - The Dead Sea, Jordan and Cherry Blossom Bliss at the NY Botanical Garden

JULY '11- Summer Camp in the Berkshire Mountains

AUGUST '11- Lounging at The Mondrian Miami and Martha's Vineyard Wonderland

SEPTEMBER '11- Street Art in Philly

OCTOBER '11- Ohh Venice!

NOVEMBER '11- Beachtime at Playa Blanca, Dominican Republic

DECEMBER '11- Playing a snow bunny in the Atlantic Rift in Iceland

JANUARY '12- Discovering Ancient History and Architecture in Petra, Jordan

 FEBRUARY '12- Walking the Line in the Desert at Wadi Rum, Jordan

Here's to many more!



Mrs K said...

Congrats:) Keep posting!

Bea said...

Nice pics!! ;)


Lilli said...

Congrats!:) Happy Blogiversary!:D xoxo

Sabrina said...

great post! :) happy blog birthday! y que cumplas muchos mas

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Travel Designery! Thanks for all the wonderful views of the world, and I look forward to you sharing many more <3

CottonCandyINK said...

amazing photos! happy birthday to your blog!!

C. said...


caise said...

wow stunning pictures!

congrats on 1 st year!:)

ThePinkMargarita said...

Happy blog birthday! :) Keep on posting fabulous pictures!

The Pink Margarita

Psycho Cat said...

Congrats :))

call me debbie said...

Oh my THAT what i cal a year full of traveling!! I wish you the best for the future honey!! kisses =)

Janice's footsteps said...

congrats happy 1st year done!! enjoy your pics and posts you are so insightful & beautiful. janice

Blackswan said...

Great shots & Happy Anniversary! U look gorgeous as ever :)
Dropping by from Shirley's Luxury Haven

BTW, I've been nominated for this Int'l Women's Day. Appreciate if you could support this event & click on "Like" @ Support International Women's Day! Thks, dear!

Nessa said...



Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

My gosh that pic in the DR is amaaaaazing! Happy 1 year Anniversary!!! You've accomplished SO much in 1 year.

Mimi said...

wowowowowow, you've been to so many places! i hope i can visit all those countries someday too! :)

p.s. happy 1st birthday to your blog!!! that's really amazing!

<3, Mimi
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Karina Cifuentes said...

Congrats! Isn't blogging the best? Love yours, btw! Coming along so nicely. :)

shakila j said...

Happy birthday to Travel designery!!! n great pics i wish i could go to Morocco :)
check out my new blog:

Ros.E. said...

Happy birthday to your blog dear!
you deserve all these followers and fans!
keep up!

u are so lucky u can travel that much!

xxx Ros.e.

Qhule said...

Wow Congrats. Heres to many more.


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