Salta - Argentina's Most Beautiful City


If ever you feel the urge to look into the face of a 500 year old Inca girl, then make sure you travel to Salta, Argentina. I mentioned Salta in my last post as a jumping off point for my trip to Humahuaca but is an interesting enough place to while away a day or two as I did. The town, founded in 1852 by the Spaniards, is lined with gorgeous 19th century colonial buildings, one of which happens to house MAAM - The Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana where you'll find those 500 year old kids frozen in such perfect state, they might as well just be sleeping. 

Stay at the Hotel Salta, equipped with a spa and pool, and then hit up the Iglesia de San Francisco (above), Convento San Bernardo with its gorgeous backdrop of Cerro de San Bernardo (cerro means hill or small mountain) and the pink Catedral of Salta in the town square. 

This city quickly became one of my favorites in all of Argentina and could easily be one of its most beautiful.

Rainbow Valley : La Quebrada de Humahuaca


While traveling through Argentina, I took a fantastic day trip from Salta to la Quebrada de Humahuaca up in the northwest.  La Quebrada (meaning a deep crack or ravine) should really be called the Canyon of a Million Colors — mountains 2000+ meters above sea level striated in vivid hues of purples, pinks, greens and oranges... an absolutely gorgeous yet harsh landscape. The valley winds its way up to the border of Bolivia so don't expect anything 'typically Argentinian', think more indigenous towns lining the historic Inca trail. I made stops at Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of 7 Colors) in Pumamarca, the town square and historic white adobe cathedral in Humahuaca, the Inca site of Pucará in Tilcara, the colorful town of Uquia, and Painter's Palette mountains in Maimara. I made sure to begin early in the morning when the colors are at their brightest and just before the sun set made the ever-cool crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn, the most southerly latitude on earth.

Ibiza Time! Clubbers Guide to San Antonio 2013


Sponsored post by 344 Central Park Apartments

Ibiza is the centre of the clubbing universe. As thousands of visitors to this tiny little Balearic Island will tell you, it’s not a holiday, it’s a pilgrimage. The world’s best DJs, hottest clubs, most V of VIP areas – the spirit of Ibiza is strong, and you could be at the centre of it all this summer. 

Where to stay? 
San Antonio is the heartbeat of Ibiza. From here you can walk up to the West End, make every sunset on the strip, lounge on the beach in Central Park Apartments and hit the hottest bars and clubs. There aren’t many better hotels for location than Central Park Apartments – from here you’ll have the best of San Antonio on your doorstep. 

Have a West End story 
The West End is San Antonio’s nightlife district. A sprawling avenue of raucous bars sloping downhill into the harbour. It’s definitely the most “18 to 30’s” spot in Ibiza but the rest of the White Isle can be a bit pricey so save some Euros with pre-club drinks up this end of town. Head to Hush, a sultry mini-club where a mainly British crowd let loose. 

Sunset strip, not to be missed 
Every evening crowds gather on the rocks of sunset strip and applaud the setting of the sun over the horizon to the soundtrack of chill-out music. The wave of applause that makes its way across the crowd as day turns into night is an Ibizan ritual you won’t want to miss. 

Cafe Mambo on the strip is often the pre-party for some of the biggest DJs. You can see the likes of Pete Tong, Erick Morillo, Erick Priydz and Laidback Luke for free. As with Cafe del Mar drinks aren’t cheap so either shell out or bring your own and enjoy them on the beach. 

Visit Eden 
Eden with its distinctive golden globe roof is the premier club in San Antonio. Spread over two floors the 13 bars, two VIP rooms and chill out room house some of the biggest crowd-pleases on the Island. Tiesto, Judge Jules, Tall Paul, Oliver Lang and Stanton Warriors all grace the decks to packed dance-floors. 

Experience Es Paradis 
A stone’s throw from Eden is Es Paradis. Typically Mediterranean and breathtakingly beautiful the defining feature is a pyramid roof that opens to the light of dawn. Unique to Es Paradis are the Friday water parties - they really need to be seen to be believed! 

So, for all Ibiza has to offer stay in San Antonio and make summer 2013 one to remember!

Sponsored post by 344 Central Park Apartments


Soneva Kiri Resort- Thailand

Daydreaming about Soneva Kiri, a peaceful retreat on the aptly described remote but accessible Koh Kood – one of Thailand’s largest yet most uninhabited islands. Set amidst a lush tropical rain forest, the 102 acre, eco-friendly and zero emission resort boasts 29 beautifully designed luxurious villas and private residences. Honestly, this place takes rest and relaxation to another level. The breathtaking dining pod floating high above eucalyptus trees is reason enough to visit let alone personal transfer on the resort’s own airplane from Bangkok. HeLLo. WTF. I'm there.

Tribal Jewelry + Gypsy Chic


Since taking a 1 month hiatus after my first blog birthday in March, I thought what better way to get back into blogging than with lots of color, details and design from one of my favorite countries. You may remember some past Jordan posts traveling through Petra and the Dead Sea, but this one is strictly accessories and pieces I came across while there. I looove gypsy style jewelry and items like the beaded tribal mirror below so imagine my delight when I managed to get my hands on an intricate Bedouin ring topped with a cherry quartz. What are your thoughts.. any design fixations related to a country or place?

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