10 Things to Do in the Atacama Desert, Chile (part two)


...And the final thing that you absolutely MUST do in the Atacama Desert is... (view the other 9 things here)

1. SUNSET AT LAKE TEBINQUINCHE - Remember when I said I didn't think there could be a place more beautiful than Iguazu Falls? Well, then I saw THIS... A thin sheet of water left on an evaporated salt lake like an opalescent mylar mirror reflecting all the surfaces and colors around it. And you could walk right onto it! The salt is so concentrated that once the water is gone it's solid as ground. Make sure that in order to see all this amazingness, you go just before sunset and toward the end of their summer season (our winter in the northern hemisphere) when the lake is not full.

Make sure not to get your foot stuck in one of these salty holes, like happened to a guy on the trip, lol.

Peep the moon! This place... a must-see before you die.



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