Top 5 Most Famous Flags of The World


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Each and every one of us loves our country flags because they mean so much. Flags are traditionally about independent liberties in different locations, which means that all of them are great. Here, flag specialists Harrison EDS showcase some of the most famous flags in the world. 

United Kingdom
The UK flag is perhaps one of the most famous flags in the world. Simply put, the UK flag is easily recognizable because of its unique design and its fame as the ‘Union Flag’ representing a United Kingdom comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. One of the most interesting bits about the UK flag is the fact that one can easily mistake it for the upside down position, with its lack of a reflective symmetry. 

The United States
This is arguably one of the most recognisable flags in the world. The reason for this must be the super power status of the USA or the heightened themes surrounding Americanism that we've all grown up with thanks to Hollywood. 

Historically, the first time the flag was incorporated was on June 14, 1777 when it had just 13 stars. The present flag with 50 stars, each representing a state in the union came into being on July 4, 1960. Nevertheless, the US flag also remains as one of the most beautifully designed flags in the world. 

The flag of the Japanese republic is also one of the most famous flags around and this is largely owing to the fact that the country is highly recognised as an economic and military powerhouse in the world. However, the fact that the flag is just one large white rectangle with a red disc also makes it easy to recognise. 

The first time the Japanese adopted this current flag design was February 27, 1870 although slight changes (nothing major) were made to it in 1999. 

South Africa
The world knows the South African republic largely because of its bloodied apartheid rule that lasted the longest for its resources in Africa and the admired, global icon; Nelson Mandela. However, out of this, the South African flag is probably the most recognisable flags from Africa. 

This flag has a rich history and contains 6 different colours and was first adopted on 27 April 1994. 

This list of famous flags would be incomplete without a mention of the Jamaican flag which each and everyone in the modern world is aware of. Like most countries in the word, the flag of Jamaica is a national symbol of the Jamaican people and where they've come from. It also exudes the confidence the Jamaican people have for the future. 

The flag has also been popularised in the pop culture through the adoption of mainstream Jamaican reggae music, making it one of the most famous flags around. 

Overall, each country's flag is unique and famous among its people – it would be irreverent if you didn’t love your country's flag. 


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