Top 3 Fashion Capitals to Travel to


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You scoff at the outlet malls, you shake your head at the grungy hippy clothing around the city, and you cringe at the knock off purses and outfits that people try strutting downtown. Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, we’re not judging you or calling you names, we totally get it. You just like looking good. You like traveling in style like a celebrity. You know what’s good, quality, and totally in right now. That’s who you are, and you own it like the fashion icon you strive for. So when you’re ready to jet set somewhere, everyone knows you will be looking like you’re riding on a private jet or walking down a red carpet. Forget those laid back “travel clothes,” or those terrible running shoes that are “awesome because they're comfortable.” We know you will be dressed in Manolo Blahnik heels or a Gucci suit. Go for it. And while you’re at it, why not make your destination to one of the fashion capitals in the world? Where else would a high-end person looking for their next wardrobe upgrade go anyway? Dash to one of these top three fashion capitals and get your credit card ready.

Koh Samui - The perfect luxury destination


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Koh Samui is a gorgeous exotic island surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. It is an idyllic tropical Eden for luxury escapes, diving enthusiasts and those who adore exploring the fascinating rainforests. Here, you can relax on a white sand beach, discover calm fishing villages, and dine on the sands under the moon light. 

Just Outside Glasgow


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Scotland is a place to go for some fantastic scenery and a dose of history too. The city life in Glasgow might not be everyone’s cup of tea though, some would like to see the outskirts and explore the countrysides. If that sounds like you, there’s plenty to do just beyond the city limits of Glasgow, so get in your car or book a tour to get out of the hustle and bustle, and into the Scottish Highlands.

5 Fantastic Overwater Bungalow Locations


Island life and beaches are what most crave for their holiday getaway. Skiing is fun, hiking in the mountains are great, but really, it's a cocktail on the beach, or a dive with some tropical fish, that top the list for where and what people want for their holiday. What can make staying on the beach any better? An overwater bungalow of course! An average hotel room just doesn't cut it anymore once you experience what life is like on the water. Imagine opening your door to azure blue waters, marine life swimming beneath your feet, five-star service at your beckon call, and a luxurious spot on a private island or beach. Nope, a holiday like that doesn't get much better.

Have you stayed at an overwater bungalow before? Then perhaps you're an expert on these slices of paradise. If you haven't, don't feel left out. Travel Associates is here to test your knowledge and provide some great recommendations for your amazing overwater bungalow experience.

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A boutique and super private set of bungalows are perfectly set at the Coral Lodge Panama. Here there are only six other overwater bungalows, so seclusion and as well as simplicity rein here. There are no TVs or internet, so be sure you're really ready for an eco-friendly break from the “real world” at this spot. There's great snorkeling and diving in the area, and for a fantastic and romantic evening, take a sunset horseback ride along the shore.

Over the water, yet not out in the middle of a lagoon, the overwater bungalows at the InterContinental Tahiti will impress any vacationer. There are 32 bungalows strewn across the shores of this gorgeous beach and they provide a idyllic paradise just outside your door. This is one of the first resorts in the area and in the South Pacific, so they have perfected this bungalow experience for its visitors. With plenty of activities to literally fill weeks, you will be hoping for more vacation time.

When you think of Southeast Asia, you may not think of overwater bungalows, but think again. AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort in Malaysia is a huge complex with nearly 400 water villas on their crystal clear blue waters. Considering the location, in a budget friendly part of the world, the experience here is more obtainable for those with a stricter budget.

Water sport lovers will be in heaven at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui. Hills dot the island making the landscape a bit more dramatic against the blue water, and if you keep up on your reality TV, you might even recognize this spot from its appearance on The Bachelorette. An extra large lagoon is located here with vibrant marine life beneath your toes and a private half mile long white sand beach. For amazing views of the island, take a look out on top Mount Otemanu.

The Maldives is a popular destination for an unforgettable island experience. The Medhufushi Island Resort is located on an incredible lagoon with 4-star bungalows scattered around the area. The diving here is exceptional, beaches for sunbathing are great, and other water sports to keep you busy are available if you care to leave your beautiful room.

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How to Spend A Weekend In Niagara Falls


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If spending a weekend in Niagara falls is on your adventure wish-list, you're not alone. Seeing Canada’s most famous natural attraction is one of those must-dos for thousands of Canadian and international visitors each year, and fortunately the surrounding area has loads more to offer to make a holiday break here worthwhile! Here’s how to make the most of a weekend in Niagara falls:

Beat the queues


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If you’re a lover of big theme-park rides, there is nothing more soul destroying than running up to your favorite attraction, only to see a queue that snakes around the outer barrier three times over! Unfortunately queues are a fact of theme-park life, and the best parks in the world are always going to be busy, but there are a few things you can do to cut out the waiting, reduce the stress, and get yourself on that ride a little quicker. 

Visiting Venice


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When picturing Italy and thinking of the cities to visit, Venice is usually on the top of that list, and it's not surprising at the least. Boasting some of the countries biggest attractions and wonderful sights, Venice is a must-see on your trip to Italy. These are just a few reasons why... 

Some Do’s and Definitely Not’s In Amsterdam


Amsterdam is considered as one of the premier cities of Europe, and for good reason. The city is able to attract over 4.5 million tourists annually and is just as beautiful and fun as its visitors make it out to be. But, there are a few do’s and don’ts in Amsterdam that travelers need to be aware of.

Unforgettable Adventure Holidays


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When it comes to booking a holiday, you are faced with many different types of holidays from cruises, to romantic getaways to beach holidays and city breaks. However, if you are an adrenaline junkie or just fancy something a little left of centre, why don’t you try an adventure holiday? An adventure holiday can have a different meaning for different people, depending on your sense of adventure and just how far you’re willing to go! Read on for some ideas for an unforgettable adventure holiday! 

Beauty In New York: 5 Places To Visit


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New York City has its own brand of beauty. I've heard a lot of people visiting the city comment that it doesn't really look the way it does in the movies, and there's something to that. Films have certain advantages that can make New York look different, and mostly, cleaner. They clear sidewalks for shoots, film scenes far from the scaffolding that constantly engulfs a quarter of the city's sidewalks, and use endless editing capabilities to make things look how they want. On the other hand, New York in person can often feel cluttered and somewhat dirty. But that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful in its own way. The towering skyscrapers and famous landmarks alone cause a certain sense of wonder, and sometimes the sheer intensity of it all can evoke a unique, atmospheric charm.

As someone who lives in New York, I want to note some specific locations and attractions that stand out as some of the city's most beautiful little pockets of things to discover when visiting the city. 

My First E-Book Coming Soon!


Hard at work on my first e-book! Inside tips and straightforward How-To advice on leaving the routine behind and making your travel dreams happen... Learn how to manage your money, settle on destinations, get inspired, go bargain hunting and much, much more! Stay tuned!


Shop My Closet! Designer Chic Sale


Hey everyone!

Unloading a ton of beautiful pieces from my closet, many brand new with tags or handmade new by yours truly! I've listed most of them here via Poshmark where you can find prices and additional photos of each item at or by clicking the photos below. Alberta Ferretti, Theory, McQ by Alexander McQueen, Betsy Johnson... definitely have a look, hopefully you find something you like, and if so email me at Lorena(at) or via contact me form above, no need to join Poshmark! A few more of my handmade items can be found on Etsy at Urban Gyspy. Payments accepted through PayPal, immediate shipping w/tracking, all sales final. 100% reliable so rest assured you will receive your package.

See something you like but still can't afford listed price? Email me anyway and let's see if we can work something out!

Happy shopping :-)


Beach Destination: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


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Ever since my first trip to the Middle East 4 year ago I've wanted to go back and visit, Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. I find the contrast of crystal blue water on white sandy beaches against the vast desert landscape so beautiful and unique. I've also always wanted to dive the famous coral reef of the Red Sea, but first I guess I'd need to learn to dive before attempting this, lol, so in the meantime I'll make due with just snorkeling. How amazing would it be to swim in the second largest reef in the world among hundreds if not thousands of rare tropical fish, colorful coral, and exotic underwater sea life?

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