Beach Destination: Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt


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Ever since my first trip to the Middle East 4 year ago I've wanted to go back and visit, Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. I find the contrast of crystal blue water on white sandy beaches against the vast desert landscape so beautiful and unique. I've also always wanted to dive the famous coral reef of the Red Sea, but first I guess I'd need to learn to dive before attempting this, lol, so in the meantime I'll make due with just snorkeling. How amazing would it be to swim in the second largest reef in the world among hundreds if not thousands of rare tropical fish, colorful coral, and exotic underwater sea life?

Usually I like to travel independently, booking all my hotels and air separately and leave all-inclusive style vacations for the Caribbean but what I found to be so great about Sharm, as it's often called, is that it offers every type of vacation for every personality, from the rugged and traditional camel rides through the Sinai desert with the local Bedouins to luxe five-star hotels to the more affordable all inclusive resorts, which I didn't know were readily available in this region. One that offers some great all inclusive options is First Choice with holidays to Sharm El Sheikh suited based on what your needs are and which allow you to make the most of your available time there without spending a lot of money. One thing is for sure though, you will not be bored here. It's a cosmopolitan city offering a slew of shopping and entertainment, wellness spas, casinos, bars and nightclubs. I think I'm gonna like it here :-)

This is a sponsored post.


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