Beauty In New York: 5 Places To Visit


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New York City has its own brand of beauty. I've heard a lot of people visiting the city comment that it doesn't really look the way it does in the movies, and there's something to that. Films have certain advantages that can make New York look different, and mostly, cleaner. They clear sidewalks for shoots, film scenes far from the scaffolding that constantly engulfs a quarter of the city's sidewalks, and use endless editing capabilities to make things look how they want. On the other hand, New York in person can often feel cluttered and somewhat dirty. But that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful in its own way. The towering skyscrapers and famous landmarks alone cause a certain sense of wonder, and sometimes the sheer intensity of it all can evoke a unique, atmospheric charm.

As someone who lives in New York, I want to note some specific locations and attractions that stand out as some of the city's most beautiful little pockets of things to discover when visiting the city. 

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