Top Places for a Ferry Tour in Rome


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Exotic attractions, traditional events, and exciting excursions are what make Rome so popular all over the world. There are many activities available for tourists in this city. One of the most exciting adventures is seeing the city via a ferry tour in Rome

Ferries run in and around the city on a daily basis, following different routes. The most popular routes for ferries that act as tourist attractions are listed below: 

Amalfi Coast 

The coast and its surrounding towns have been a popular tourist attraction since the times of ancient Roman. The towns stretch from Positano to Sorrento and all have some famous attractions. The Amalfi coast is so full of tourists in the summers that you can hear more of the English language than the native Italian. The region also boasts the most spectacular coastline. The towns that pass along the ferry journey are pastel colored and ceramic-tiled, looking gorgeous along the coast. Ancient places like Pompeii and Paestum are near the Amalfi coast too, and are the more renowned attractions in the area. The selection of the town to explore is up to the tourists. They can choose any town along the coast as their home base where they can spend the whole day in excursion. Pompeii and Sorrento are two of the most opted for towns, while ferrying along the Amalfi coast. 


The second largest port of Europe, which brings in and takes away a huge number of passengers, has a long history from Etruscan to Ancient Roman times. A number of cruises and ferries run through the port, which cater to many tourist excursions. The Tyrrhenian Sea that surrounds the port is a beauty which makes the ferry ride, an even better experience. It is famous for displaying numerous colors across its span. 

Island Of Ischia 

A volcanic island which is located 17 miles distance from the southwest of Naples; this is a popular attraction around Rome. The mountainous island is home to almost 60,000 people and remains a famous tourist attraction for its natural rugged beauty and thermal spas. Ferry boats travel to this destination bringing huge number of tourists. The popular attractions within the island are the Aragonese Castle, the La Mortella Gardens, the Nun's Cemetery, and Mt. Epomeo which is the highest point of the island. 

Tiber River 

One of the longest rivers of Italy is the Tiber River. Ferries and cruises take passengers along the river which is 250 miles long and more or less 20 feet deep. The Tibet River flows through Rome into the colorful Tyrrhenian Sea. Tourists aim to catch the Tiber River ferry ride because it is a quick and fast way to explore Rome's natural beauty. The river was once named as Albulula because of its white color. Later, it was named after a king who drowned in the river. The highlight of the trip is when the whitish river meets the green-blue sea. Rome is a land of many land-based attractions, but that doesn’t mean its coastal area is any less attractive. The city is situated at an ideal location where various water bodies meet to provide tourists with a spectacular experience during their ferry ride in Rome. 

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