Mayan Highlands : July Feature for Vecu Magazine


I covered the mysterious land of the Mayans in Guatemala for VĂ©cu's Practical Magic issue. Here's a look at my feature for July.

" There's a certain air in the land of the Mayans in Guatemala. It's like centuries of wisdom, knowledge and sorcery float about, mingling freely with modern day Christian beliefs. Every pattern on their clothes means something, and every now and then, you can actually feel the earth shake. From the colonial streets of Antigua, with it's not so distant volcanoes to the colorful highlands of Chichicastenango to the famous Lake Atitlan - the magic was ever-looming. I went so far as to visit a seer, he spoke mostly Mayan. On my way out, I spotted a high priest walking by with the tell-tale clothing and spear in hand, and dozens of others paying their respects to the gods and past loved ones by burning incense in front of the churches. I'll tell you, it was definitely something to not only be able to see, but also experience the way of the Maya. "


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