Day-Tripping in Philly


One of my favorite things about traveling is finding cool little places with unique trinkets that I can bring back home. I absolutely fell in love with The Little Apple, a boutique of new, vintage and repurposed pieces, such as a gorgeous Hollywood film set room divider. There were vintage postcards, artsy wine bags, great jewelry, coffee table books, etc. Molly, the delightful shopkeeper and owner stocks the shelves with such fantastic things that I wished I could bring the whole store back with me in a shopping bag. I even wanted to take the dog, LoL!

4353 Main Street, Manayunk, Philadelphia (267) 335-4968

I picked up some nice additions to my jewelry box, including the M charm ring as a bday gift for Villa BisonĂ³ and thin gold bangles that I wear high on my forearm since my wrists are comedically small. How do you think it looks?

I've saved the best for last... Meet Penny!! The main reason you'll want to visit Manayunk and The Little Apple store (and star of my first Travel Designery video below) If "so cute you could go nuts" had a definition in the dictionary it would be a pic of this little boy. 


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