Tunisia: Land of the Jasmine


There's a distinct smell about Tunisia in North Africa.. Fresh jasmine everywhere – in the markets, on the streets, and I was given a number of fragrant flower necklaces as a sign of welcome. Supposedly, a man who wears jasmine on his left ear indicates that he's single and proves his love by offering white jasmine while giving someone an odorless winter jasmine is seen as an arrogant lack of respect. Interesting right?

Anyhoo, as usual, I didn't spend nearly enough time in Tunisia since I was only there for a few days for a wedding. The bride (who's American) got henna on her hands and wore an embroidered gold wedding piece passed on to her by her mother-in law. I did get to Hammamet and Sidi Bou Said (pronounced sah-eed) which were fantastic. The architecture was beautiful and the Tunisian people could not have been more accommodating and generous. I found this authentic yellow kaftan dress and was sold with the intricate hand embroidered design of the front. What do you think, do I blend in well with the locals? LoL..


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