Napa : California Wine Country


I've mentioned before that I don't drink but boy do I love me some wine-tasting and vineyard trips! Strange, I know, but there's so much more to 'wine country' than just drinking. There's the amazing food, the chateaus, the ambience, the art of wine-making... I mean the list goes on and on and Napa Valley is no exception. Our first stop was Chateau Montelena followed by Castello di Amorosa, which was so grand, it deserved a blog post all its own. I'm obsessed with how yummy those grapevines look so I tried to coerce my friend to drive up next to a row lining the driveway which would allow me to snatch a few and speed off with my prize, but nooo. She refused. So Napa, I'm coming back for you and your grapes.

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