Delightful Nightmare in San Francisco


I'd never heard of Czech-born Swedish artist Klara Kristalova before visiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in August. I found the strangely dark yet fun and mythical work super interesting. It's like she takes the naiveté of childhood and the subconscious to create a weird balance between nightmare and delight. She engages a set of questions as to what it is you're really looking at and I can't wait to see her new exhibition when it opens here in New York next month.

What do you think of her ceramic sculptures? Too odd, intriguing, fun?

(photos via here and here)

SF Museum of Modern Art, 151 Third Street, San Francisco - through Oct. 30th
Lehmann Maupin Gallery, 540 West 26th St., New York - Oct. 27 - Jan. 28, 2012


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