December in Iceland


Reykjavik's landmark mountain, Mt. Esja in the background.

Sometimes referred to as the 'The Land of Fire and Ice', Iceland is a breathtaking place to visit during the month of December. It's the perfect setting for taking in the holiday spirit... like relaxing by a fireplace with a cup of jo as you watch the capital city of Reykjavik's brightly colored homes, trees, and shops sparkle with Christmas lights. Plus, Santa is your neighbor here! The country sits just below the Arctic Circle (aka North Pole) but luckily winters are comparable to New York's thanks to the warm stream that comes up from the Gulf. Iceland is a truly awe-inspiring and mythical island with a combination of natural wonders so unrivaled it feels more like the moon than Earth at times— volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, exploding geysers, nightless summers, the Aurora Borealis, geothermal springs... it could very well be the purest place on earth and one of my top 3 travel picks ever. —Featured on pg. 36 in Dec. issue of V√©cu Magazine

When to Go: June - early September or December for Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

How to Get There : IcelandAir flies direct to Reykjavik from many North American and European cities.

Where to Stay : Hotel Reykjavik Centrum $$   /  Hotel Borg $$$

The Sun Voyager on the Reykjavik promenade – a modern sculpture of a Viking ship by Gunnar Arnason.

Swan Lake!

Reykjavik city center... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw people walking across the frozen lake.

Hotel Centrum

The Pearl complex.

View from Hallgrímskirkja church bell tower- A must at twilight!

Hotel Borg at Asturvollur Square


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