My Little Pony


When I saw a picture in a magazine, much like the one above, it was an instantaneous decision that I had to go to Iceland. It was what I call a beautifully melancholic scene, in a mysterious and remote land, all things that have always called my attention. Once there, I made it a point not to leave without meeting these 4.5 foot equines that have remained virtually unchanged for the past 900 years, preserving the 'five gait trait' they're famous for. (During the winter months they grow a long coat of fur, extremely cute.) There are many good horseback riding farms, but I chose Laxnes just outside of Reykjavik. I was given a riding hat, a windbreaker suit, and an extra-furry little blondie before riding off with the group through the utterly majestic Mosfellsdalur Valley... stay tuned for where I went afterwards :-)

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