The Bedouins of Petra


Besides the unbelievable sites and history, what makes Petra so exotic are the Bedouins of the ancient city. I will never forget looking to my left as I approached The Siq and seeing Aladdin ride by on a white horse and look over with electrifying eyes rimmed with liner. I thought, "Goodness who are YOU?!" LoL.. I kept going though and soon met a Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow look-alike, then came to know a few other Bedouins that were born and still live in caves, including a man who claimed to be somewhere around 110 years old. 

I ended the trip to Petra with a cave-cooked dinner after sunset prepared by Ibrahim (smoking cigarette) and Promise (red shirt) which was unexpectedly delicious, and very traditional, no plates or utensils so thank God for Purell. Then off to Wadi Rum in the south of Jordan.. next post!

Why the following picture? Because the photo above was taken on the other side of this approx. 13" ledge that I had to maneuver across or fall off the cliff and die.. LoL. The foolish things I end up doing sometimes...

Then my tricked out super-70's ride picked us up on the other side... Look at the fringe! haha


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