The Middle East: A Tour Through Wadi Rum, Jordan


Part adventure, part safari, and all sublime, a tour of Wadi Rum is akin to a journey through another time and place and undoubtedly one of the most stunning desert landscapes in the world. Although there are many spectacular 'wadis' (valleys in Arabic) in Jordan, none other can claim the fame of having been stomping grounds for the real Lawrence of Arabia or the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. I hitched a ride to Wadi Rum from the owner of my hotel in Aqaba and easily found a tour guide once there. If you have the choice, stay overnight at Captain's Desert Camp, a truly spectacular place to take in the beauty of the desert, the stars, and the Bedouin culture. The camp off the same comforts of a regular hotel and also makes a great stop for tea and music after watching the sun set behind the dunes.


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