Rainbow Valley : La Quebrada de Humahuaca


While traveling through Argentina, I took a fantastic day trip from Salta to la Quebrada de Humahuaca up in the northwest.  La Quebrada (meaning a deep crack or ravine) should really be called the Canyon of a Million Colors — mountains 2000+ meters above sea level striated in vivid hues of purples, pinks, greens and oranges... an absolutely gorgeous yet harsh landscape. The valley winds its way up to the border of Bolivia so don't expect anything 'typically Argentinian', think more indigenous towns lining the historic Inca trail. I made stops at Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of 7 Colors) in Pumamarca, the town square and historic white adobe cathedral in Humahuaca, the Inca site of Pucará in Tilcara, the colorful town of Uquia, and Painter's Palette mountains in Maimara. I made sure to begin early in the morning when the colors are at their brightest and just before the sun set made the ever-cool crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn, the most southerly latitude on earth.

Cerro de los Siete Colores - Town of Purmamarca
Town of Uquia

The Inca site of Pucará in Tilcara... waaay up in altitude.

Humahuaca town center and cathedral.

How bad-ass is this lady with her hat and coca leaves... so incognito.

Painter's Palette.. just as the fog cloud rolled in. A little boy gave me that necklace made of seeds for good luck, a tradition in Maimara.


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