Salta - Argentina's Most Beautiful City


If ever you feel the urge to look into the face of a 500 year old Inca girl, then make sure you travel to Salta, Argentina. I mentioned Salta in my last post as a jumping off point for my trip to Humahuaca but is an interesting enough place to while away a day or two as I did. The town, founded in 1852 by the Spaniards, is lined with gorgeous 19th century colonial buildings, one of which happens to house MAAM - The Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana where you'll find those 500 year old kids frozen in such perfect state, they might as well just be sleeping. 

Stay at the Hotel Salta, equipped with a spa and pool, and then hit up the Iglesia de San Francisco (above), Convento San Bernardo with its gorgeous backdrop of Cerro de San Bernardo (cerro means hill or small mountain) and the pink Catedral of Salta in the town square. 

This city quickly became one of my favorites in all of Argentina and could easily be one of its most beautiful.

MAAM - Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana


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