Some Do’s and Definitely Not’s In Amsterdam


Amsterdam is considered as one of the premier cities of Europe, and for good reason. The city is able to attract over 4.5 million tourists annually and is just as beautiful and fun as its visitors make it out to be. But, there are a few do’s and don’ts in Amsterdam that travelers need to be aware of.

Rent a Bike Amsterdam is extremely bike friendly and most people love to travel via this method. Besides that, biking is great exercise and eco-friendly as well. And if you don’t want to take the bike, stay clear of the bike lanes.

Visit a Cafe Do visit at least one of the many coffee shops in the city. But, don’t expect to get alcohol or cannabis in the coffee houses. To be fair, this is a common mistake made especially by foreigners, who confuse “coffee house” (an establishment which actually sells coffee) with “Coffeeshop” (a licensed seller of cannabis). If you’re still confused just look for a green and white sticker on the window which is a sign of a licensed Coffeeshop.

Pack Rain Gear Although Amsterdam’s weather remains mild throughout the year, its best to pack rain gear as well or atleast pack an umbrella for your trip to Amsterdam. Apart from that, also expect hot days throughout July and August and winters that are not as cold as the rest of Europe.

Visiting the Red Light District If you want to visit Amsterdam’s famous red light district, make sure you don’t take any pictures of the sex workers, or else you’re camera will be swimming with the fishes. Also, don’t peek through the cracks between curtains, or tap or spit on the windows while you’re there.

Take a Walk It’s really easy to get couped up in a bar, or watch time pass you by while you’re in a café. But outside is where all the real action is. Don’t shy away from wandering around this magnificent 400 year old city surrounded with water, greenery and awe inspiring architecture.

Eat Raw Herring While you’re in Amsterdam you just have to try out the famous raw herring. When it comes to quality fish, you can rest assured that this fish is a bargain snack that also doubles as an authentic Dutch eating experience as well. Garnished with fresh onions and pickles, don’t forget to eat like the Dutch do when in Amsterdam.

Drinking on the Streets- A Definite No-No
Drinking on the streets of Amsterdam is considered illegal and can land you in jail. So, keep alcohol consumption for indoors, or else the police with pour out your alcohol right in front of you after slapping you with a huge fine.

Ending Note
Contrary to popular belief, it is not true that everything goes in Amsterdam. If you break any laws you will be punished. But, if you want to enjoy this spectacular city without pushing any boundaries, Amsterdam is a city like no other.


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