Visiting Venice


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When picturing Italy and thinking of the cities to visit, Venice is usually on the top of that list, and it's not surprising at the least. Boasting some of the countries biggest attractions and wonderful sights, Venice is a must-see on your trip to Italy. These are just a few reasons why... 

Get Square 
The Piazza San Marco is a great spot to find yourself and knock out a few popular sights at once. The St Mark's Basilica is a huge and magnificent cathedral showcases at the square. A beautiful representation of Italo-Byzantine architecture, this Roman Catholic church is a sight to behold. Also in the square is the political and judicial hub of the city, Doge's Palace, another beauty, and then there is the wise clock tower of Torree dell'Orologio. Of course after seeing these prominent buildings in the square, strolling around the alleyways will bring you plenty of shopping and amazing eateries. 

On the Water 
Well, this one is a given. There's no other experience than riding on a gondola along the beautiful waterways of this magical city. What other picture comes to mind when picturing Venice? Taking your friends, loved one, or the whole family on a Venetian getaway to never forget should be first on the list. The city is sliced up by tons of canals ways for you to glide through with ease as your gondolier sings or hums a tune and you just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Glass Class 
Known for its incredible glassware, the island of Murano has incredible glass blowing demonstrations. Learn about the history of this famous art, shop around for some one of a kind souvenirs for you, family, and friends, and enjoy this fascinating learning experience. 

Color Burano 
Come here to see a vibrant village full of life, but not busy at all. Much less crowded than it's neighboring island, Murano, you may choose to take a vaporetto to get here from Murano. This spot is great to get away from the more touristy spots and makes for a lovely stroll in a genuine and beautiful Italian village. 

Get in Nature 
Venice is great, but to get even further away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to get one with nature, hiking on Torcello Island is a wonderful choice. This nature reserve will take you strolling through fields and reward you with tranquil views. Visit in the 7th century church with intricate mosaics adorning it's walls. Brag about visiting a place that has hardly anyone living there, there's only around 20 people actually living on this island! 

Lose Yourself 
Venice is absolutely gorgeous no matter where you turn. Impressive churches, monumental museums, fantastic shopping, incredible experiences on a gondola or watching glass blowing. All of this is very impressive, but one of the most popular things to do is to just get lost. Throw away the map and wander the streets of this magnificent city. There's no room for disappointment, and who knows what else you will find? 

This is a sponsored post.


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