5 Fantastic Overwater Bungalow Locations


Island life and beaches are what most crave for their holiday getaway. Skiing is fun, hiking in the mountains are great, but really, it's a cocktail on the beach, or a dive with some tropical fish, that top the list for where and what people want for their holiday. What can make staying on the beach any better? An overwater bungalow of course! An average hotel room just doesn't cut it anymore once you experience what life is like on the water. Imagine opening your door to azure blue waters, marine life swimming beneath your feet, five-star service at your beckon call, and a luxurious spot on a private island or beach. Nope, a holiday like that doesn't get much better.

Have you stayed at an overwater bungalow before? Then perhaps you're an expert on these slices of paradise. If you haven't, don't feel left out. Travel Associates is here to test your knowledge and provide some great recommendations for your amazing overwater bungalow experience.

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A boutique and super private set of bungalows are perfectly set at the Coral Lodge Panama. Here there are only six other overwater bungalows, so seclusion and as well as simplicity rein here. There are no TVs or internet, so be sure you're really ready for an eco-friendly break from the “real world” at this spot. There's great snorkeling and diving in the area, and for a fantastic and romantic evening, take a sunset horseback ride along the shore.

Over the water, yet not out in the middle of a lagoon, the overwater bungalows at the InterContinental Tahiti will impress any vacationer. There are 32 bungalows strewn across the shores of this gorgeous beach and they provide a idyllic paradise just outside your door. This is one of the first resorts in the area and in the South Pacific, so they have perfected this bungalow experience for its visitors. With plenty of activities to literally fill weeks, you will be hoping for more vacation time.

When you think of Southeast Asia, you may not think of overwater bungalows, but think again. AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort in Malaysia is a huge complex with nearly 400 water villas on their crystal clear blue waters. Considering the location, in a budget friendly part of the world, the experience here is more obtainable for those with a stricter budget.

Water sport lovers will be in heaven at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui. Hills dot the island making the landscape a bit more dramatic against the blue water, and if you keep up on your reality TV, you might even recognize this spot from its appearance on The Bachelorette. An extra large lagoon is located here with vibrant marine life beneath your toes and a private half mile long white sand beach. For amazing views of the island, take a look out on top Mount Otemanu.

The Maldives is a popular destination for an unforgettable island experience. The Medhufushi Island Resort is located on an incredible lagoon with 4-star bungalows scattered around the area. The diving here is exceptional, beaches for sunbathing are great, and other water sports to keep you busy are available if you care to leave your beautiful room.

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