Just Outside Glasgow


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Scotland is a place to go for some fantastic scenery and a dose of history too. The city life in Glasgow might not be everyone’s cup of tea though, some would like to see the outskirts and explore the countrysides. If that sounds like you, there’s plenty to do just beyond the city limits of Glasgow, so get in your car or book a tour to get out of the hustle and bustle, and into the Scottish Highlands.

There are always plenty of Glasgow Airport hotels with parking available, but if you plan on renting a car and are in need of a beautiful getaway, get the parking sorted with Airparks and get to Oban right away. Also known as the “Gateway to the Isles,” this town flanks the hills in a horseshoe shape hugging Oban Bay. The bustling town has plenty of good eats around, so be sure to take in a taste.

The main attraction here is the curiously familiar structure of McCaig’s Tower. You may think have transported to Rome with its striking resemblance of the coliseum. The real view though isn't the structure itself, get up at the top and get the most spectacular views of not only the entire town, but the neighboring islands in the distance.

Monsters and Stuff
Get close to Nessie at Loch Ness. Does the name ring a bell? It probably does, but perhaps you are more acquainted with the name the Loch Ness monster. Here, she’s not see so much as a monster, but just a mysterious creature lurking at the depths of the loch. Don’t let your hunt for Nessie steal the show though, the dramatic vistas surrounding you are captivating as well. Mont Blanc, Glencoe, and the true beauty of Great Glen  are all here to behold as well as the majestic Ben Nevis. This is Britain's highest mountain. If you follow the shoreline, you may end up at Urquhart Castle with more views of the beautiful Scottish scenery.

History Lane
For a bigger dose of culture and history, without losing any of the gorgeous views, the little known town of Ayrshire should be your destination. Here you will find a few points of interest such as the largest windfarm in Europe. There are an array of charming villages along the way to Culzean Country Park. Wander around the gardens and woodlands surrounding the castle and then delve in the ancient structure. This country-like home, rather than defensive castle, dates back to the late 18th century. It’s perched on a small cliff overlooking the Firth of Clyde. The castles surroundings extend beyond the gardens  and include sandy shores and rocky coves as well.

The market and fishing village of Dunure, the ancient castles along the way, and Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burn, has his work mentioned in a few places through the countryside of Ayr. Explore the dark castle, or the old haunted ruins of a church near the old bridge.

This is a sponsored post.


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