Beat the queues


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If you’re a lover of big theme-park rides, there is nothing more soul destroying than running up to your favorite attraction, only to see a queue that snakes around the outer barrier three times over! Unfortunately queues are a fact of theme-park life, and the best parks in the world are always going to be busy, but there are a few things you can do to cut out the waiting, reduce the stress, and get yourself on that ride a little quicker. 

When a park is busy, it’s easy to get yourself all stressed out, especially when it’s hot, so it’s important to try and stay calm. Starting your holiday on a stressed out base isn’t going to do you any favors, so try and keep those levels down before you leave the house! I always find that getting from home to the airport is what stresses me out, so I decided to try driving myself there instead. This has changed my travel plans for life now, and I always book my parking spot in advance as a result. I recently booked Gatwick parking with Holiday Extras, after I decided to grab one of the few cheap flights to Orlando from the capital. It meant I had to travel a little further but it was quite a leisurely journey, stopping a few times en-route, and it saved me money too – double bonus! I’d certainly recommend you look into this service from your local airport, as it is a nationwide perk. 

The chilled-out start to my holiday meant I was raring to go when we arrived, and not ready to pull my hair out! On our first day we decided to go to Magic Kingdom in Disney World, which in hindsight might have been a mistake because it was the busiest park in the whole of Orlando on that particular day! Regardless of that, armed with a few queue busting tips, we did manage to see most of what we wanted, and simply headed back to mop up the rest later on in our holiday. 

This is something you need to realize about Orlando theme-parks, you’re never going to experience it all in one day, and you might need to factor in a re-visit at some point. 

As for mastering the art of queueing, we became very good friends with the Fast Pass system, meaning we were given a time slot to return to the ride, without the need to queue. The beauty of this is that you can head off somewhere else and experience another ride or attraction, without standing in a sweltering queue and not really doing anything. 

I was also told to go to the bigger rides and attractions during parade times, especially in the morning. Most people want to watch the first parade of the day, and in Magic Kingdom the crowds for this were huge. We simply took advantage of that by watching the last parade of the day, and heading to the larger attractions when everyone else was in front of the castle. 

See, it’s all about being queue savvy and a little clever! 

This is a sponsored post.


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