The Art Issue : September Feature for Vecu Magazine


The most beautiful issue yet of VĂ©cu is out, featuring tons of international talent and gorgeous artwork. My piece on San Francisco Street Art (which I posted about on the blog last week) begins on page 113. Make sure to check out all the great artists in the September issue here. The cover alone, by Parisian artist Amylee, is absolutely gorgeous.



Amylee said...

Yeaaaah, i love this issue and i'm a huge fan of Street Art !!! I love colors <3

LOVE JOICE said...

I love it, so colorfull! you always travel in style! great post xx Joice

The PvdH Journal said...

Great cover!

Jennifer Rod said...


Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

I loved that post of yours! Great to see it in print!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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Fabrizia said...

Nice post, I love street art!!!
Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

Carly said...

I love that cover - its absolutely perfect!

Marj Travel Experiences said...

I love your art it's beautiful :) I'd like to read your part i hope it's accessible online:)) Marj Travel Experiences

LORENA said...

@ Marj, you can click on the photos or the link within the post to view the full issue..

Thanks guys!

The Gossip Eye said...

Wauu! This magazine looks GREAT!
Here, in Spain, doens't exist :(

This cover is fantastic! I like so much ^^
I see your article in the online version and is very well! This street-art is amazing!

BIG THANKS for comment on my blog!
I pass by here too, i like this site ;)

m u a a a k

J. Choudhury said...

You are amazingly talented, I love art and expression through art. The cover looks lovely and street art is where all inspiration begins. I'm following you, it doesn't say you're following me?

- J. Choudhury

Nathalia said...

love it, love it love it!!!!! Wow!!

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