Exploring Morocco


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Morocco is split into different regions, each one with its own unique charm and appeal that makes it a perfect get-away spot. It has historical appeal, excellent shopping and souks, a collection of significant monuments and landmarks that dot its many regions and surround some of its most sacred cities.

7 Amazing Secluded Beaches


Who doesn't dream of that perfect secluded beach you can have all to yourselves, tucked away beneath a cliff or fully exposed on a mile of sand? On these 7 heavenly beaches you won't find any flying volleyballs, loud music, or kids kicking sand on you as they run by. Your only companions here will be relaxation, the sun, and the ocean breeze. It's not just for couples anymore.

The Best of Iguazu Falls


Parque Nacional Iguazu is a subtropical rainforest that's split between Argentina and Brazil, though you'll want to make sure you're on the Argentinian side for the grandest of all waterfalls - Garganta del Diablo (Throat of the Devil). This one dwarfs them all in density and power and is an awesome sight to see, especially when there are butterflies fluttering all around like party confetti and landing on every surface, including your hands. Iguazu Falls comprises of over 250 individual waterfalls stretching across 2 miles and is absolutely teeming with wildlife. The moment that really stuck in my head though was turning a bend to a clearing in the park and being completely dumbfounded by the sheer beauty of this rainforest. I couldn't imagine there was a place more gorgeous in the world. 

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