Vintage Train Cases


Who doesn't love that old glamour of yesteryear when women carried chic train cases in their gloved hands and waltzed off in utter style? I've always been a fan of those classy vintage boxes but that's all been exchanged for easier to handle, lighter models, which brings me to ask why they can't just come up with a combination of the two that won't break the bank...perhaps that'll be my next mission. These also make interesting design pieces for decorating your home. Aren't these cases great?

10 Things to Do in the Atacama Desert, Chile (part two)


...And the final thing that you absolutely MUST do in the Atacama Desert is... (view the other 9 things here)

10 Things to Do in the Atacama Desert in Chile


The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is not the typical barren landscape you'd normally think of when it comes to deserts. The unearthly, moon-like landscape is entirely awe-inspiring— iridescent lakes, exploding geysers, lunar valleys, lavender mountains and pastel pink Andean flamingos. Believe me when I say the driest place on earth is one to add to the bucket list. Aside from walking through a vast panorama that looks directly pulled off a movie set, here are 10 things you'll want do in the Atacama Desert...

Luxury Hotels in Rio de Janeiro


This is a sponsored post. Images provided by Sunset Visitor

Rio de Janeiro is, of course, the focal point of the tourism trade in Brazil and it is not difficult to see why. The city has some of the most amazing beaches in the world along with some breathtaking architecture and scenery; it's certainly not a UNESCO World Heritage site for nothing. The upcoming FIFA World Cup 2014, the Olympic Games 2016, and the annual Carnaval, are all major draws that will have millions of people from all around the globe flocking to this city. Rio is also a great place to experience 5-star opulence, with the hotels pictured here ranging in price from $187USD to $690 USD per night during low season. I might just have to hop on a flight down there one of these days...



Hello all! It's been 2 months to the day since I've been on the blog, but alas, here I am again, letting my fellow travel and design junkies know about a fantastic new book coming out next month. Following her best-selling 2009 title Gypset Style, which I raved about a while back, travel writer Julia Chaplin explores the little-known enclaves of gypsy jet-setters around the world. From the Aeolian Islands in Italy to Lamu, Kenya; North Goa, India; and José Ignacio, Uruguay—Gypset Travel delves into the glamorous yet casual lifestyle of these bohemian wanderers through intimate photography and first-person anecdotes. This book looks just as good as the first if not better with this gorgeous cover, can't wait to get my hands on it.

Pre-order Gypset Travel at almost half price (due Dec. 4), but take note! I don't think it will stay this cheap for long especially with the holidays coming and this making a great gift.


Back Soon!


I will be back to blogging soon!
I've been M.I.A. since August with many projects floating around but will have some cool new posts within the coming weeks so stay tuned!.. Fantastic vintage pic of the TWA flight attendants isnt' it? 


World's Best Hotel Pools




Seems Gypset Style has been catching on since I last posted about the the fantastic coffee table book of the same name. I love these effortless, chic pieces... perfect for those jet setting gypsy jaunts. Isn't that electric blue on the clutch is phenomenal? Clutch / Necklace / RingBook


WaterTower Brooklyn - A Sculptural Artwork

A new sculptural artwork by Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin is situated on the rooftop of 20 Jay Street and is viewable from Dumbo, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, FDR Drive and Lower Manhattan. The monumental water tower sculpture is constructed from salvaged pieces of colorful plexiglass and steel... I tell you, one man's trash is another one's treasure. For prime viewing locations head to Brooklyn Bridge Park at Washington Street (map), and the Manhattan Bridge bike path. Isn't it just beautiful?

Nomadic Thread Society


Nomadic Thread Society is a collection of beautiful scarves, wraps, and textiles inspired by stylist Nicole Gulotta’s travels. Beautiful and sustainable, her collections are sourced from artisans and small producers around the world and manufactured right here at home in NYC. (Love New York designers!) Now the styling, beach bumming, and traveling have come together and the company is dedicated to bringing you local color and a touch of vacation from all over the world. In each piece you’ll find a story and craft that makes it that much more fun to wear. Certainly a company worth supporting.

Super Summer Picks

With the sweltering temperatures we've had in NYC the past few days I've been dreaming up a hip jaunt to the beach or how about cruising the Mediterranean?... What better way to prepare than with a few new pieces like cool sunnies, pitchers of lemonade and some bright accessories. 

–via here


Why You Should Visit Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum


You mean the beautiful creation of a glittering bird slipper above is not enough of a reason? How about design, history, fashion and travel all rolled into one neat little package called the Bata Shoe Museum. Located in the upscale neighborhood of Yorkville, this enlightening museum (yes enlightening, you learn a lot here!) is DEFINITELY a main highlight in Toronto, if not THE highlight. (Along with a trip to the ever so beautifully designed and equally tasty MoRoCo chocolate shop a few blocks away.) With around 12,500 artifacts and shoes on rotating display, this is undoubtedly a girl's highway to heaven. 

Can't make it in person? Check out the next best thing which will take you to all 4 corners of the world.

Design Hotels : Missoni Kuwait


Last March, following its debut in Edinburgh, Scotland, the second-ever Hotel Missoni opened its doors in Kuwait. Located on the Salmiya seafront, the hotel is outfitted with the fashion house‘s iconic boho-glam patterns and details as well as furniture from the likes of Philippe Starck and Hans Wegner. I tell ya, the Middle East is kicking some serious a** in the luxury and design departments. Don't you just love all the colors and details? 

Flying Flips : Flip Flops with a Cause


The FlyingFlips concept: Artists and designers submit incredible designs, the FlyingFlips community votes for the best ones and the winning piece then gets printed as flip-flops for sale at  So, what's the big deal you might ask? Well, a second set of FlipFlops from every pair sold is given to a person in need! Design, shopping, and a commitment to giving back, how great is that? Shimmy yourself through your next getaway wearing your ultra cool flips and knowing that you did something good for someone else in this world. Below are some of the übercool designs you'll find on FlyingFlips.

Make sure to click here for a chance to win $100 worth of flip flops for your next trip... and the next... and then the next :-) You only have 16 days left, go!

15 Hotel Terraces with Unbelievable Views


A favorite vacation activity? Lounging, a gorgeous view, and a snack or two. Here are 15 hotel porches perfect for just that… (above: LE MEURICE Paris, France)

The Weekend Guide : Newport & Narragansett, RI


Who doesn't love seaside towns.. They're chill, laid-back, and have their own culture of nautical inspired designs and fashion. Narragansett and Newport, Rhode Island (the sailing capital of the world) are only a 3 hour drive from Manhattan and two to three days gives you just enough time to sail, see, shop, drink and be merry. Here's a quick bucket list....

Chanel's The Little Black Jacket Exhibition - New York


The Little Black Jacket Chanel exhibition landed in New York this week and for one week only!  Located in a nondescript lot at 18 Wooster St. in SoHo, I stopped in this afternoon to find Lagerfeld's photos nicely displayed despite the somewhat small space. Upon exit you have the choice of 1, 2, or 3 free poster sized prints to choose from and then rolled up into a plastic Chanel bag for you. Cool, right? If you can't make it in to the exhibit before it ends tomorrow have a look at the official The Little Black Jacket - Chanel microsite to see where it will be traveling to next. Catch it before it's gone..!

Design Hotels : Armani Hotel Dubai


Stylish, luxe, and debonaire are three words that come to mind when thinking of the Armani Hotel Dubai. There's a sense of covertness along the sleekly numbered guest room corridors, which I love, as if there are untold secrets behind each door. The design is peaceful and effortless, but in true Armani fashion, still conveys wow factor. The hotel also offers six restaurants choices, a swanky spa, three Armani boutiques and an outpost of Milan's upscale Privé night club. Wouldn't you love to just lounge in this plush retreat for a few days?

The Weekend Guide : Cold Spring, Hudson Valley

One of my favorite things to do, especially in the summer, is take short weekend jaunts to cool, new places. Over the Memorial weekend I hopped on a train bound for Cold Springs in the majestic Hudson Valley. It's worth the trip if just to get to the completely fantastic Cold Spring Apothecary on Main St. The shop is impeccably designed from the vintagey-organic interior right down to every piece of packaging for its line of hair, skin and body treatments, candles, soaps, and soothing fragrances. The products are hand-made right in the store with 100% natural ingredients and I do not exaggerate when I say this store is the best discovery I've made all year, I just looove this place and the merchandise. Shopping works up an appetite and Cathryn's Tuscan Grill did not disappoint with a too-delicious-for-words artichoke ravioli special. There's also Hudson Hil's, a cute French cafe across the street from Cathryn's that's good for sandwiches or desserts. After browsing Cold Spring's numerous antique shops end the day at The Pig Hill Inn and you've had yourself a mighty fine weekend.

Exploring Morocco

This is a sponsored post by Holiday Hypermarket.

Morocco is split into different regions, each one with its own unique charm and appeal that makes it a perfect get-away spot. It has historical appeal, excellent shopping and souks, a collection of significant monuments and landmarks that dot its many regions and surround some of its most sacred cities.

7 Amazing Secluded Beaches


Who doesn't dream of that perfect secluded beach you can have all to yourselves, tucked away beneath a cliff or fully exposed on a mile of sand? On these 7 heavenly beaches you won't find any flying volleyballs, loud music, or kids kicking sand on you as they run by. Your only companions here will be relaxation, the sun, and the ocean breeze. It's not just for couples anymore.

The Best of Iguazu Falls


Parque Nacional Iguazu is a subtropical rainforest that's split between Argentina and Brazil, though you'll want to make sure you're on the Argentinian side for the grandest of all waterfalls - Garganta del Diablo (Throat of the Devil). This one dwarfs them all in density and power and is an awesome sight to see, especially when there are butterflies fluttering all around like party confetti and landing on every surface, including your hands. Iguazu Falls comprises of over 250 individual waterfalls stretching across 2 miles and is absolutely teeming with wildlife. The moment that really stuck in my head though was turning a bend to a clearing in the park and being completely dumbfounded by the sheer beauty of this rainforest. I couldn't imagine there was a place more gorgeous in the world. 

Salta - Argentina's Most Beautiful City


If ever you feel the urge to look into the face of a 500 year old Inca girl, then make sure you travel to Salta, Argentina. I mentioned Salta in my last post as a jumping off point for my trip to Humahuaca but is an interesting enough place to while away a day or two as I did. The town, founded in 1852 by the Spaniards, is lined with gorgeous 19th century colonial buildings, one of which happens to house MAAM - The Museo de Arqueologia de Alta Montana where you'll find those 500 year old kids frozen in such perfect state, they might as well just be sleeping. 

Stay at the Hotel Salta, equipped with a spa and pool, and then hit up the Iglesia de San Francisco (above), Convento San Bernardo with its gorgeous backdrop of Cerro de San Bernardo (cerro means hill or small mountain) and the pink Catedral of Salta in the town square. 

This city quickly became one of my favorites in all of Argentina and could easily be one of its most beautiful.

Rainbow Valley : La Quebrada de Humahuaca


While traveling through Argentina, I took a fantastic day trip from Salta to la Quebrada de Humahuaca up in the northwest.  La Quebrada (meaning a deep crack or ravine) should really be called the Canyon of a Million Colors — mountains 2000+ meters above sea level striated in vivid hues of purples, pinks, greens and oranges... an absolutely gorgeous yet harsh landscape. The valley winds its way up to the border of Bolivia so don't expect anything 'typically Argentinian', think more indigenous towns lining the historic Inca trail. I made stops at Cerro de los Siete Colores (Hill of 7 Colors) in Pumamarca, the town square and historic white adobe cathedral in Humahuaca, the Inca site of Pucará in Tilcara, the colorful town of Uquia, and Painter's Palette mountains in Maimara. I made sure to begin early in the morning when the colors are at their brightest and just before the sun set made the ever-cool crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn, the most southerly latitude on earth.

Ibiza Time! Clubbers Guide to San Antonio 2013


Sponsored post by 344 Central Park Apartments

Ibiza is the centre of the clubbing universe. As thousands of visitors to this tiny little Balearic Island will tell you, it’s not a holiday, it’s a pilgrimage. The world’s best DJs, hottest clubs, most V of VIP areas – the spirit of Ibiza is strong, and you could be at the centre of it all this summer. 

Where to stay? 
San Antonio is the heartbeat of Ibiza. From here you can walk up to the West End, make every sunset on the strip, lounge on the beach in Central Park Apartments and hit the hottest bars and clubs. There aren’t many better hotels for location than Central Park Apartments – from here you’ll have the best of San Antonio on your doorstep. 

Have a West End story 
The West End is San Antonio’s nightlife district. A sprawling avenue of raucous bars sloping downhill into the harbour. It’s definitely the most “18 to 30’s” spot in Ibiza but the rest of the White Isle can be a bit pricey so save some Euros with pre-club drinks up this end of town. Head to Hush, a sultry mini-club where a mainly British crowd let loose. 

Sunset strip, not to be missed 
Every evening crowds gather on the rocks of sunset strip and applaud the setting of the sun over the horizon to the soundtrack of chill-out music. The wave of applause that makes its way across the crowd as day turns into night is an Ibizan ritual you won’t want to miss. 

Cafe Mambo on the strip is often the pre-party for some of the biggest DJs. You can see the likes of Pete Tong, Erick Morillo, Erick Priydz and Laidback Luke for free. As with Cafe del Mar drinks aren’t cheap so either shell out or bring your own and enjoy them on the beach. 

Visit Eden 
Eden with its distinctive golden globe roof is the premier club in San Antonio. Spread over two floors the 13 bars, two VIP rooms and chill out room house some of the biggest crowd-pleases on the Island. Tiesto, Judge Jules, Tall Paul, Oliver Lang and Stanton Warriors all grace the decks to packed dance-floors. 

Experience Es Paradis 
A stone’s throw from Eden is Es Paradis. Typically Mediterranean and breathtakingly beautiful the defining feature is a pyramid roof that opens to the light of dawn. Unique to Es Paradis are the Friday water parties - they really need to be seen to be believed! 

So, for all Ibiza has to offer stay in San Antonio and make summer 2013 one to remember!

Sponsored post by 344 Central Park Apartments


Soneva Kiri Resort- Thailand

Daydreaming about Soneva Kiri, a peaceful retreat on the aptly described remote but accessible Koh Kood – one of Thailand’s largest yet most uninhabited islands. Set amidst a lush tropical rain forest, the 102 acre, eco-friendly and zero emission resort boasts 29 beautifully designed luxurious villas and private residences. Honestly, this place takes rest and relaxation to another level. The breathtaking dining pod floating high above eucalyptus trees is reason enough to visit let alone personal transfer on the resort’s own airplane from Bangkok. HeLLo. WTF. I'm there.

Tribal Jewelry + Gypsy Chic


Since taking a 1 month hiatus after my first blog birthday in March, I thought what better way to get back into blogging than with lots of color, details and design from one of my favorite countries. You may remember some past Jordan posts traveling through Petra and the Dead Sea, but this one is strictly accessories and pieces I came across while there. I looove gypsy style jewelry and items like the beaded tribal mirror below so imagine my delight when I managed to get my hands on an intricate Bedouin ring topped with a cherry quartz. What are your thoughts.. any design fixations related to a country or place?

Where to Stay in Las Vegas


This is a sponsored post.

It's barely January but before you know it, bikini season will be upon us and Las Vegas will be back in full swing! If you're planning a trip there and need to narrow down the hundreds of hotel options, here are 5 luxe picks. Fret not if these don't fit your style or budget, luckily there's something for everyone in Vegas. Start with what you plan on doing and what your main interests are and take it from there to find most suitable choice. 

Travel Designery Turns 1!


Today marks my blog's 1st birthday! This year has flown by and after nearly 1000 gfc followers, almost 600 facebook likes, 106 bloglovin' loves, and over 1000 subscribers I just want to say THANK YOU. Thanks to all of you for leaving those 3285 comments throughout the year and coming along with me on my travels and design speculations. It is all truly appreciated, gracias! So to round off my 1st birthday / blogiversary, I leave you with a small handful of some of my favorite posts from this past year.. Discover something new or refresh your memory with some oldies but goodies. Enjoy!

I Heart Street Art : Lisbon


Tourists are Terrorists and 'cops kill', Haha! 


Road Trip: What to See On the M40

When is the last time you made an effort to explore middle England? The coasts and peaks may hold plenty of excitement and enjoyment, but it is easy to forget just how many pretty towns there are elsewhere. You will find a whole bunch of them just off the M40 motorway, which is why you should consider taking a trip along there in the coming months. 

There are historic market towns aplenty, meaning you will be bombarded with beautiful buildings, places to eat and many pleasant attractions. In fact, you will probably be wondering why you haven’t visited sooner!

So get all of the details sorted from accommodation to car insurance (have a look at Auto and General UK if you need a new policy) - and then you can pack your bags and head off on your English adventure...

Based in Warwickshire, Warwick is a town that sits on the River Avon. The currently population of this town is around 30,114, but there has been human activity there since the Neolithic period. The famous Warwick Castle was established in 1068 during the Norman Conquest, and even the boys school (Warwick School) claims to be the oldest in the country. This all means that there is plenty of history to uncover, even after the Great Fire of Warwick which happened in 1964.

Perhaps most well-known for the connection to Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon is a big attraction in the area. It is known locally as Stratford, but it shouldn’t be confused with the area in London! This town is located in south Warwickshire, also on the River Avon. There are around 4.9 million visitors who come to Stratford-upon-Avon each year to soak up culture and history. William Shakespeare, the playwright and poet, was born here - and there is also the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to see.

In the Cherwell District of Oxfordshire is the market town of Banbury. It is predominantly a retail centre for the surrounding rural areas, but there are other reasons to visit too. One of these is the famous Banbury cake (similar to an Eccles cake), which should be on your list of things to try.

The historic market town of Bicester is one of the fastest growing towns in Oxfordshire, which isn’t surprising due to its location near the motorway and the availability of rail links. However if you like grand buildings, you will love Bicester due to the collection of churches in the area. You’ll want to bring your camera along to capture the beauty of the town.

Finally, don’t forget about Oxford, the jewel of the M40. Whether you want to absorb in the feeling of academia, or take a punt boat on the River Cherwell, Oxford will be the city for you to explore. It is a good idea to make use of one of the park and ride buses, as the city centre can be notoriously slow for regular motorists to navigate. However it will be worth it when you wander around taking it all in.


Glam Travel: Dior Lipstick


Anyone seen the Dior Addict film short with Kate Moss? It completely made me want to plan a trip to Paris again! The shots, styling and design are beautiful and I must say, the Dior Addict lipsticks are fantastic. (At $30, they should be nothing short of spectacular.) Their destination inspired shade names such as Parisian Chic and Gibraltar having me dreaming up a glam vacation asap.

(You can purchase Dior Addict online at Saks,  Bloomingdale's, or Sephora. Not sure if they all accept returns if you don't like the color, but Sephora definitely does, fyi!)

Design Elements : Portugal


One of the most beautiful things about Portugal are the highly artistic azulejos adorning thousands of indoor and outdoor surfaces throughout the country. Particular to the Spanish and Portuguese (due to their Moorish history), the best place to see these designed tiles is the Museo Nacional do Azulejo in Lisbon.

The ancient convent turned museum holds a collection of fantastic inspiration for designers and enthusiasts of all backgrounds – textiles and fabrics, interior design, history buffs, creative thinkers, and even jewelry designers. If you can't make it there, regardless, it's all around you in Portugal.. all you have to do is keep your eyes open!

Vintage Photos


{ Eiffel Tower, Paris }

As I was going through my computer files a little while ago, I stumbled across these pics I took a while back from my European travels. Though not actually vintage, I edited them to look like historical photos. I think it brings such character to certain images... Don't you just love the look of old shots?.. Happy Weekend :-)

 {Westminster Abbey, London }

 {A cathedral in Belgium through my rainy window seat. }


i LOVE New York


The LOVE pop art piece by Robert Indiana on the corner of Sixth Avenue & 55th Street has been here for years yet I'd never photographed the famous sculpture. So as an addition to The 365 Project I snapped a few shots before continuing downtown for some shopping. Anyone else visit this famous corner in Manhattan or other interesting art space? Share your pics on my FB Wall with a note! 

Happy Valentine's everybody :-)


The Middle East: A Tour Through Wadi Rum, Jordan


Part adventure, part safari, and all sublime, a tour of Wadi Rum is akin to a journey through another time and place and undoubtedly one of the most stunning desert landscapes in the world. Although there are many spectacular 'wadis' (valleys in Arabic) in Jordan, none other can claim the fame of having been stomping grounds for the real Lawrence of Arabia or the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. I hitched a ride to Wadi Rum from the owner of my hotel in Aqaba and easily found a tour guide once there. If you have the choice, stay overnight at Captain's Desert Camp, a truly spectacular place to take in the beauty of the desert, the stars, and the Bedouin culture. The camp off the same comforts of a regular hotel and also makes a great stop for tea and music after watching the sun set behind the dunes.

The Bedouins of Petra


Besides the unbelievable sites and history, what makes Petra so exotic are the Bedouins of the ancient city. I will never forget looking to my left as I approached The Siq and seeing Aladdin ride by on a white horse and look over with electrifying eyes rimmed with liner. I thought, "Goodness who are YOU?!" LoL.. I kept going though and soon met a Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow look-alike, then came to know a few other Bedouins that were born and still live in caves, including a man who claimed to be somewhere around 110 years old. 

I ended the trip to Petra with a cave-cooked dinner after sunset prepared by Ibrahim (smoking cigarette) and Promise (red shirt) which was unexpectedly delicious, and very traditional, no plates or utensils so thank God for Purell. Then off to Wadi Rum in the south of Jordan.. next post!

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